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December 4, 2012

Self Confidence

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Written by: Samantha Daniel
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Pain is inevitable in love. Like kinetic energy, there seems to be an equal amount of reaction to pain in relationships, as there is to love that grows during it. Some people may be timid of involving themselves in the dating game after having some cringe-worthy experience. A confident approach to dating comes from the knowledge you gain in past experiences, which helps better prepare you for possible pitfalls.

The following 3 steps help build self confidence as a dater:

Know Yourself

Knowing what you want and what you have to offer in a relationship will ensure that you make the right choices at every juncture in the dating game. You can’t expect a mutual understanding within a relationship, if you don’t understand your intentions first.

Examine Your Fears

You can’t have a fear of something without being exposed to it in some form, whether it be seeing examples, or being directly affected by it. Sometimes, when you stress about things, it actually has the potential to work against you, in turn materialize unintentionally. It’s wise to do an initial inquiry about the reasons why you fear something, either psychologically or inherently, and devise ways to prevent this occurrence. But eventually you have to let go of this extra baggage and stop examining the reasons behind it, before engaging yourself in the dating game again. Otherwise, you risk negatively influencing the relationship by projecting your worries outward.

Engage Yourself

Once you know what you bring to a relationship and overcome your fears, one of the strongest ways to build your confidence in dating again, is to bring that previous experience and knowledge with you as you embark on a new relationship. You can’t possibly anticipate every obstacle that may surface, but you can reduce the possibility and effects of the same pitfall from occurring. Knowing that you can only improve conditions from one relationship to the next, is comfort that enables you to date confidently.

Being a confident dater is about understanding yourself, your capabilities, your desires, and where your fears originate in the first place. Only then, can you truly learn how to be confident in dating, and progress using past experience. With these steps, you rarely make the same mistake twice in dating, and regaining that confidence is a highly effective way to stay afloat in the turbulent waters of love and pain.

About the Author

Samantha Daniel
Samantha Daniel is a Colorado native, attending Metro State University majoring in technical communication, with emphases in writing and editing. Her passion for relationships, dating, and romance unfolds in her articles.

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