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April 8, 2013

Taking My Own Relationship Advice

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Written by: Aliza Chudnow
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As someone who gives relationship advice, I feel like it is only essential to contribute my two cents when friends are telling me about their guy issues. I mean why not? Here I am writing articles every week about the trials and tribulations of love. I give advice and tips in each article so people can better their relationships or move on from their past heartbreak.  The funny thing about me being the advice giver is that although I must admit, I give great advice, sometimes it is hard for me to follow that very advice I so easily convey in my articles. So here it is, my confession. I too, like everyone else in the world who has had their heart broken in the past, have trouble with completely and entirely moving on.

Now the expert advice giver part of me would say that all you have to do to completely move on from an ex-boyfriend is to cut all ties. De-friend him on Facebook, un-follow him on Twitter and delete his number and text messages out of your phone. But you see, then there is the part of me who just like so many people, can’t seem to let go. Every time I am on Facebook all I want to do is be a complete stalker and search his page. When I am on twitter, my heart skips a beat when I happen to come across one of his tweets. And let’s be honest, I can delete his number and texts out of my phone all I want, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have his stupid digits memorized. The sad part is, whenever I type his name on Facebook or look at his twitter feed, I get so mad at myself. Why can’t I just take my own advice? Why can’t I move on from a relationship that maybe had some amazing times but in the end had more bad than good to it?

If you, like me, ask yourself these questions just know that you are not alone!  I think the reason it is so hard for some people to take those last steps in completely cutting off a relationship isn’t because you necessarily want to get back with them, I think it’s because there was a time you really loved them.  As much as you want to finally move on for good, it is not only saying goodbye to that person, but it is saying goodbye to those moments that defined a portion of your life. As the advice giver I would like to say the sooner you let them go the easier it will be, but as the girl who has been dealing with this for quite some time, I can honestly say that doing so is easier said than done.

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About the Author

Aliza Chudnow
From a young age Aliza was passionate about writing, especially on the topic of love. At the University of Kansas, Aliza wrote for the newspaper about love and dating. She looks forward to sharing her advice with you.

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