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January 7, 2014

The Reason Your Friends Hate Your Guy


In a perfect world, you’ve met Prince Charming, your friends and family love him, you’ll get married, and you can eat all the chocolate you want without gaining weight. In real life, your friends hate your man and thinking about chocolate makes your jeans feel tighter. If your friends love you and your boy loves you, shouldn’t your friends love him too? What if the reason you’re not a big, happy family is all your fault? Here are four ways girls inadvertently make their pals hate their guy.

They Think He’s a Total D-Bag

Girls can talk about hair and shoes all day, but the real bonding happens when you’re venting about something dumb your guy just did. It’s completely natural to ease your frustration by talking to a friend who understands your pain. Just remember, when you tell your girlfriends your man is a jerk, they will believe he’s a real jerk if that’s all they hear. Show them that you’re in a well-balanced relationship by discussing some of his good qualities too. Otherwise, your girls will keep telling you that you can do better, and you’ll look stupid when you try to defend him.

He’s Changing You

When is the last time you had a girl’s night out with your single best friend? If you can’t remember, shame on you! Yes, being in a relationship keeps you busy and I’m sure your new beau wouldn’t appreciate you dancing on the tops of bars and making out with strange men like you used to. But, you can still spend time with friend, who at this point is sure your boyfriend has changed you for the worse. Have a one-on-one with your bestie, let her know you’re still around and enjoy some of your favorite hobbies together. Your friend dislikes this guy because his gain is her loss. Don’t take it personally when she acts a little bratty; She just doesn’t know how to say she misses you.

You Have No Filter

There’s something about falling in love that makes a girl want to tell her boyfriend everything. When your girls dish and tell you not to tell anyone, your guy is also on the list of people that you cannot tell. The rules of the Girl Code that were in place back when you were single are the same when you’re in a relationship too. This might all seem harmless because your boyfriend doesn’t know the dude she’s crushing on, but it doesn’t matter. When someone says “keep this between you and me,” your other half doesn’t count as the “you” in that phrase.

Love is Blind

If a guy has the right amount of charm, the smartest girl in the world will fall for him and lose some of her senses. If your friends are constantly trying convince you that your man is up to no good, they might actually know what they’re talking about. You’ll want to assume they’re jealous, but that usually isn’t the case. Your friends are there to protect you and they only want you to have the best. Open up your eyes and investigate a little more. The truth is hard to deal with, but those friends who told you he’s bad news are the same ones who will help you get over him.

If you can’t part with your man or your girls, you might have to accept that they’ll never get along. Hopefully everyone will be mature and respectful when they have to see each other, but don’t force that sort of thing on a regular basis. Give your boyfriend a fair chance to show his good qualities, and leave it alone after that. Well, first, make sure you aren’t the reason your friends hate your guy, then act accordingly. Good luck!

About the Author

Christina Scribner
Christina Scribner began writing poetry and short stories early in her childhood. As a freelance writer, her goal is to offer insight in the areas of relationships and beauty, drawing from personal experiences and studies. In her spare time, Christina still writes poetry, studies spirituality, obsesses over music, and loves hard. She is always excited to challenge herself and make life her teacher.

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