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December 5, 2012

The Set Up


Tucked away in your favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant, you skim through the pages of a newly bought book while you wait on your best friend to meet you for lunch. She’s running a little late, which isn’t terribly unusual. As you check your watch for the time, a man approaches claiming to be sent by her and looking for confirmation of your identity. It quickly dawns on you that you’ve been set up. But while you plot the thousand ways you’re going to kill her, take a second to see this for what it is: an opportunity. Here are five ways to survive the set up:

Be Inviting

Instead of staring at him like he’s the love child of Lady Gaga and Charles Manson, invite the poor guy to sit down. He probably has no idea you’re the unwitting party to this date.


Now that you’re in the middle of a set up, there’s no point exacerbating what is already an awkward situation for you. Engage in conversation, ask about his interests and express some of yours. Granted, you may not be prepared as you normally are for a date, but sitting there like a mute is going to do neither of you any favors.

Common Ground

Find some common ground. Obviously your friend is of the opinion that you might hit it off with this guy—figure out why. You can even use the set up as a lead-in joke to break the ice. He may not be as surprised about this meeting as you are, but he’s almost definitely twice as nervous.

No Complaining

Don’t spend the entire date complaining about how inconsiderate your friend is or how if you’d known about the set up you would have done x, y, or z. All you’re likely to do is make your date extremely uncomfortable and write you off as an unpleasant person, to say the least. If you embrace the spontaneous nature of the date, you could actually have some fun.

Say Thank You

Whether or not it turns out to be a great experience or a bust, say thank you to your friend. Even if he’s not your type, she’s looking out for you as any best friend does. If you act indignant, the next time you actually WANT her to set you up she might refuse.

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