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July 3, 2013

Tinder Dating


When I first heard about Tinder, I assumed it was just a way for iPhone users to find a quick hook-up near them. Turns out though, not everyone on the app is looking for nude photos from strangers. Some of the matches make genuine connections and take them into the real world. Here are some tips for bringing your Tinder dating romance into reality.

Meet in a Public Place

This is an obvious one. You don’t know this person so meeting in a private place, like your house or your date’s, is extremely dangerous. Something sketchy is way less likely to happen if a lot of people are around, like at a restaurant or bar. Just make sure you two agree on where you’re meeting, my friend waited around for 45 minutes for her date because they went to different locations of the same restaurant.

Do Some Stalking

Usually I like to keep the mystery alive in dating, but in this case I encourage some light stalking to make sure your date is real. Go all Nev Schulman on your date and do a Reverse Image Search. This way, you can be more sure that you aren’t being cyber-duped and you may be able to find some conversation topics to casually slip into your date.

Have Someone on Call

When my friend went on her Tinder date, I told her to text me the words “Banana Hammock” and I would immediately call her with some dire emergency. If your date turns out to be a creep, this is a quick and easy way to get out of the date without hurting their feelings. Of course, there’s always the chance they’ll see through this, in which case, just make sure they aren’t following you home.

Keep an Open Mind

As is true in all blind date situations, they won’t be successful if you go in with a negative attitude. Chances are, you guys have messaged back and forth already so you know you have something in common or you wouldn’t have agreed on the date. So just try to relax and have a good time. If it’s a bust, at least you tried. If you guys hit it off, think of how magical it’ll be to tell your kids how you met.

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Stephanie, a Colorado native, is currently attending Syracuse University, majoring in Television, Radio and Film. She loves sharing her adventures through the uncharted world of college dating and hopes to entertain you along the way.

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