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October 23, 2013

Better Online Dating Tips for Men


So it’s late at night, you’re too tired to sleep, none of your roommates or friends are awake to talk to, so what else to do except browse profiles on a dating site to potentially find “the One?”  What guy hasn’t faced this situation at 3:00 a.m. on a work night?  At the very least you’ve wondered who might be out there wanting to meet you, and at which website you can find her. Doing a search for “online dating sites,” you can only imagine the number of hits that come up (because it would probably be impossible to count them all…or at least very challenging) and it’s interesting how similar they are. Most sites don’t charge you to join, create a profile or post pictures, but if you want to do anything else, such as send a message or chat, payment is required. I’m a hopeless romantic in part, and I couldn’t resist the urge to join some of these dating websites in hopes of finding a potential date (or even a mate). The following online dating tips for men are strong suggestions for making the most out of your search for romance without wasting money.

After joining a few different sites, one thing became very apparent: There are quite a few fake profiles out there! No one is encouraged to lie, but it’s the internet and it happens. The number of fake profiles on a site tends to correlate with how exotic or enticing the theme of the website is. For instance, there are very few obviously fake profiles that I noticed on Plenty of Fish, but  there are tons on sites like (appealing to western men seeking Ukrainian or Russian woman) and (a sexual dating site). In addition, it’s amazing how beautiful nearly every woman’s profile is on sites like that. The old saying comes to mind: “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

I’m not condemning online dating, or even saying to avoid it. On the contrary, I suggest trying it, just make sure you do it wisely. Do your research. There are several Internet website review sites out there, so do some searching and read what others have to say about your prospective site. A note of caution: read at least two website review sites, because there are fake website review sites out there. See if everyone has good things to say about the dating site, or if too many people were burned by fake profiles. Also keep in mind though, that some of the negative reviews might be from former users who weren’t successful because of their own attitude and then blamed the dating site. Again, keep reading reviews until you think you can pass an accurate judgment of the site’s legitimacy.

In my personal experience, I have never wasted any money on a scam dating site, mostly because I refuse to pay for one. There are some dating websites out there that are actually 100% free to use (they just tend to be ad heavy, of course), such as Plenty of Fish and OKCupid. I have met a few nice ladies from Plenty of Fish, in addition to a couple other free dating sites. However, if you’re hoping for that gorgeous Ukrainian woman to travel across the Atlantic and come live with you, even though she knows no one in the United States and barely speaks any English—don’t hold your breath. How can you be sure about who is really on the other end of that chat window? Use common sense and do your research before paying any money to a dating website. Best of luck!

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