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November 11, 2013

Big Anniversary Coming Up? 4 Tips For Guys


Guest Post by Tricia Borren

The big day is near. No, not her birthday or a holiday, but something else just as significant: Your anniversary. You can’t forget this one! No matter what’s going on during the week, there are a few ways to get ready for the day that your sweetheart expects a double (or triple) dose of love.

Step 1. Grab a Reservation
You know that great restaurant that you both love? The place that’s a little too expensive, but just blows your mind with its amazing culinary creations?

It doesn’t matter if it falls on a weekday, make a reservation and make sure that your sweetheart blocks out her schedule for the night so the two of you can completely indulge in a memorable meal. Call head a few weeks ahead of time to make sure there’s a table available—lots of places are booked up weeks or even months in advance.

Step 2. Invest in a Good Suit and Then Actually Wear It
You’ve got to look great going to dinner. Any old outfit won’t do for this special night. She sees you in casual clothes all the time. Prove that she’s worth dressing up for! Step it up a bit and maybe even don a tie for the occasion.

Shop for a suit you can wear multiple times for different events during the next few years. Find a tailor and get it fit to your frame.

3. Get a Haircut
A great haircut can make a world of difference in your appearance. Do what you need to in order to look more than just presentable. Splurge on a good shave and a hair trim so you look ready to celebrate with the love of your life.

4. Give Her a Gift that Celebrates Your Relationship
Sure, you can get her something expensive, like jewelry, shoes or a gift card to her favorite store. It’s predictable, but the classics are the classics for a reason.

Of course, if you’re looking for something a little bit more personal to commemorate the occasion, give her a gift that really means something. Maybe it has to do with where you met, ventured to on your first date or that moment you knew she was the one for you. Melt her heart with a card that describes the significance of the gift to you.

Hopefully these tips will get you thinking about what you want to do on the special day. Above all, make sure your lady has a great time and you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself too.

Tricia Borren is a mother who enjoys blogging in her free time. If you choose to get her heart racing with a fresh haircut, she suggests making a special trip to this barber shop in Boston.

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