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January 22, 2014

5 Tips to Date a Trekkie

5 Tips to Date a Trekkie

Have you recently entered the Trek fandom and fallen in love with it? Maybe you’re convinced that you want a partner from the Trek world, or you’ve just met someone who calls themselves a Trekkie and need to find out what that is. Regardless of your reason, learn how to date a Trekkie, because (just like Trekkies in general) they can be amazingly loyal, dedicated and creative.

1. Trekkie verses Trekker
They may sound the same, but mixing them up to anyone who actively identifies with them can be disastrous. Here’s a breakdown of the difference for someone outside of the fandom: Trekkies are usually considered a broader term for fans who usually favor Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG). Trekkers are a more intense and condensed group that has fewer members and usually prefer the original Star Trek series (TOS). There will never be peace the Kirk and Picard, so you might as well choose a side now. Hopefully it will match your new flame’s.

2. Watch Them
All of them. Yes, there are a lot. Yes, it will take forever, but you’ll show your new love that you’re serious about sharing this interest. They’ll love watching some with you while heckling others. Be prepared to hear very opinionated remarks, but you’ll have a great excuse for movie nights in. There are three seasons of TOS, seven seasons to TNG, plenty of movies, and more. Click here for a complete list.

3. Read Up
There are books too so if you’re really enjoying yourself, jump into the books with this list. The books are not required but will help give you a full view of the fandom and will really show your dedication. Video games are also a good bet, but completely optional.

Know them, love them and live them. Any Trekkie will already use the quotes as a part of daily life, so to fit in, you must too. Here is a list of the top fifty to get you started and add your own as you embrace the Trek lifestyle. Also, you have to learn the Prime Directive, an unspoken law with no exceptions. Click here for the Prime Directive and its history. Lastly, make sure you start practicing the Vulcan peace sign. Don’t neglect to learn the many abbreviations. It will be impossible to talk Trek together if you two are speaking different languages and don’t even get me started on Klingon.

5. Costumes
Or as those in the fandoms usually call them, Cosplays. It’s inevitable, so get used the idea of wearing a fleet uniform. Decide who you want to dress as before the subject even comes up, but whatever you do, don’t wear a red shirt. People in red shirts never live very long. Be prepared to cosplay while going to new movie releases and Sci-Fi conventions.  This is probably one of the most important things you can do together, so be supportive and if your partner wants you to impersonate Spock, do it.

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Amanda Juarez
Amanda Juarez is an aspiring nomadic freelance writer currently living in Colorado. Creative since the day she was born, she has many creative outlets from writing and art, to making jewelry and accessories, and even winning NaNoWriMo 2013. She spends much of her time learning abstract new things and hanging out with gamer friends. She hopes to be able to bring her experiences from living all over the county and translating the different cultures of dating into easy reading while adding a bit of geek to them.

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