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April 18, 2013

Dating A Flirt

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Written by: Kelsey Gibbons
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Dating a flirty girl can be awesome, especially when she flirts with you. You think to yourself, she’s so expressive and coy. I love the way her eyes sparkle. But when you’re out and about and your love starts to flirt with some dude at the bar, it can cause some serious jealousy! I mean, duh, if you like her and she seem interested in someone else, it’s a normal reaction. When dating a flirt, you have to trust them and feel secure in the relationship to make it work. You can’t stop her from flirting, after all you don’t want to control her. Chances are you liked her in the first place because you were drawn to her flirty personality.

In this situation, it’s helpful to understand why she’s flirtingIt’s just fun!

Not to worry, you are dating this girl for a reason. She isn’t going to just drop you because she is flirting with another guy. She’ll probably fall a bit harder for you if you play it cool and not freak out.  Meeting new people is fun! You’re welcome to flirt it out too. Go ahead… see if it makes her jump.

…It makes her feel good.

Attention from another person outside of your relationship is exciting. It can be healthy for your relationship too. If your partner feels good about herself, it will transform your relationship. If you play it cool she’ll see how amazing, comfortable, and confident you are and make her want you even more.

Remember: A little jealousy never hurt anyone

A sure fire way to ruin your relationship is to get jealous and freak out but remember a little jealousy isn’t going to hurt.  Remind yourself that you and your lady are together for a reason. If you are uncomfortable, then keep your cool and discuss it later, once you two are alone.

Just remember your girlfriend is with you for a reason. If she steals a few looks at other guys or strikes up a convo with someone at the bar… not to worry, at the end of the night she is going home to you so have some confidence!



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Kelsey is the Marketing Assistant at Nouveau Dating. Along with the variety of marketing she does she enjoys sharing her knowledge on love and dating and is always giving advice to her friends.

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