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October 16, 2013

5 Rules Every Man Needs to Beat the First Date Jitters

Couple on a date.

Guest Post by Dixie Somers

First dates are exhilarating experiences, but nervousness can interfere with big plans. You definitely want to avoid making a negative initial impression because that can be really hard to bounce back from. To avoid any mishaps, a man should adhere to the following fashion rules. There are several important aspects to a refined personal presentation, but this guide covers the crucial basics.

1. Get a Haircut
Any unkemptness should be avoided. Errant strands of hair should be handled in advance. As far as a haircut goes, don’t drastically deviate from your original style, but simply hone the one that exists. The neatness of well-coiffed hair will instill maximum charm. A lady will certainly recognize the extra effort.

2. Be Freshly Groomed
Demonstrate attentive cleanliness by bathing right before the event. Make sure to include time for shaving. A woman will truly appreciate the appearance of a clean-shaven face. To get the closest shave possible, do it the old-fashioned way. Implement a badger brush for the smoothest skin possible. As a side note, don’t wear cologne in case she has an allergic reaction; instead, save your sexy scents for the second or third rendezvous.

3. Exude Confidence
A relaxed demeanor is a positive asset. Calmly confidence from the start sets the tone for an excellent date. Overall, just be a gentleman. Politely showcase self-assured resolve, but forgo excessive self-promotion. You don’t want her to think that you’re arrogant.

4. Wear Something Classy
Dress extremely well for the occasion. Don a classic button-down shirt, and pay special attention to the cuffs. If the affair is more casual, limit the wardrobe to a sweater-vest and a jacket. Skip ties unless requested by the venue. Limit pants selection to slacks, and sport a pair of shiny leather shoes to finalize this suave sense of fashion.

5. Wash the Car
Appearances extend beyond one’s physical self. A man’s ride should be flawlessly cleaned. The exterior should be sparkling bright, and the inside must be spotless. A vehicle can reveal an enormous amount of your personality, so make sure you’re represented well.

By following these techniques, any man can enchant a lady on the first date. Above all else, remember to have fun, and make sure she has fun too.

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