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November 2, 2013

Getting an International Lady (Part 2)

getting-an-international lady-part-two

Continued from Monday, October 28…

After you’ve had a few conversations via Skype, Messenger, etc., impressed her somewhat by speaking to her a bit in her own language, and did not ask her for any revealing pics…you are on the right path!  Don’t ruin your chances of success by rushing the process, as this is not a lady in your hometown or even across your state or country.  If you seek a more “intimate” way to speak with your romantic interest, try using Magic Jack.  Once purchased stateside and programmed with a local number to you, mail it to the lady along with some other package fillers; the more you know her, the better fillers you can get her…but do not send expensive items like jewelry or electronics (not all postal systems are trustworthy…that being said though, I have never had an issue sending packages to Russia).  After she receives the Magic Jack she can call you anywhere in the USA (and you can call the Magic Jack number) for only $20/year (plus the initial cost of the device is around $20).

After speaking and writing each other for a few months, if there is a mutual interest in meeting, go meet her…yes, YOU go to HER country for the first meeting.  Your chances of actually meeting are greatly increased by going to her first…here are just a few reasons why: (1) you are the man, be a man about it (2) she will surely want to introduce you to her family and friends to get there opinion of you (3) your interest in her is highlighted when you tell her you are going to come visit her in her city (but don’t plan on sleeping at her place…arrange other accommodations using or find a list of hostels at (4) it will help her be more comfortable when it comes time for her to come visit you in your city.

Now for some particular tips about your visit to her country…  Learn about customs / traditions regarding the basics such as what food they have, giving gifts to her or family members, expectations of dress / grooming standards, and other such items of her culture.  This is a simple process with the Internet by searching such terms as “courting a Russian lady,” “how to develop a relationship with a Chinese lady,” etc.  Change the wording a bit or try your own ideas of what to search for.  This will assure that you do not commit any social blunders or offend your romantic interest or her family.  Keep in mind that most other cultures are very family-centric, and the thoughts / opinions of family and friends carry a heavier weight than in the USA…and remember that you are being observed by everyone at all times.  (Another reason to learn her language some.  If you can communicate with her family and friends, it will reflect much better on you.  Fluency is not required…just the effort.  If you are going anywhere besides Western Europe to meet her, chances are that her parents will not speak English.)

Once you arrive in her city, be sure to be yourself and have fun!  Enjoy your experience of the new place you are in, and DO NOT compare…just experience!  The differences will be great (unless you are going to Western Europe), from food habits to transport to public displays of affection.  One of the worst things you can do is constantly compare and contrast the differences, and even worse, voice your observations.  Again, the best thing you can do is simply enjoy your new experience in her country.

If things progress well, and she comes to your city to visit, the basic same tips apply: do not point out the differences between your cultures, do not compare daily life, and certainly do not make claims that your culture / daily life is better than hers.  On the flip-side of the same coin, be proud of the USA’s diversity of people and terrain!  Do not limit her experience of the USA to just your city, but go on a road trip and show her different places from a small town to a large city.  Take her to an amusement park(s), national park(s), and other places that she cannot possibly see in her own country (and chances are that you will see something new as well!).  These tips were learned by personal experience…

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