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December 14, 2011

How to Get a Girlfriend

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Written by: Anna Karimo
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There are women everywhere, but meeting one you’d like to go out with isn’t nearly as simple as it sounds. Women can be hard to approach, hard to impress, and hard to figure out and no wonder. These tips and advice will help you on how to get your girlfriend.

Woman is different than a man

Their brains work differently than yours does. They relate to other people in an almost completely different way than you do. And sometimes, it’s like they’re speaking another language, with the same words as yours, but completely different meanings. If you’ve had trouble navigating relationships before, now you know why.

Naturally most men don’t understand woman

Hardly any men really understand what women want, but some of them are naturals. Naturals are different, they could be born with it or he grew up with four sisters, or maybe he read a lot of romance books. Naturals could be players but the player could also learn to be the game. But for most men, getting a woman they want is hit-or-miss until they learn to understand woman and meet their needs.

If you try hard enough and long enough, you most likely would get a girlfriend because you will learn what works and what doesn’t work even if you don’t think about it, it will come to you more natural with time. But if you sit at home and do nothing about it, the possibility for you to have a girlfriend is slim to none.

You can learn how to get a girlfriend

Dating is a learning process, the more you date, the better you become. Most men are not naturals at dating and no different from you, but they put themselves out there and learn with time how to do it.  By dating a lot, reading about women, and asking women of their needs, they learn a few techniques that make it simple to show women attention that she deserves. As we said before, all women are different and might need a different approach for different type of woman. You can learn how to get a girlfriend – and not just any girlfriend – a great one.

Date with no fears to make a mistake and do not assume what she thinks, just ask

You can learn how to approach women, impress them, and create excellent relationships with them. You can learn what to do, what to say, and how to behave in a way that makes you more powerful, more attractive, and more fun than ever before. All you have to do is date with no fears of making a mistake or assume what she wants, instead ask her needs right away. Because each woman is different, there is nothing wrong for you to ask. Remember, if you ask more questions, a woman will think you are interested in her.

Keep reading articles or books on dating and women

Of course you can also pick up a few books or read articles and learn more about women and how to be attractive to the one you like. By the end of the day, the best way to learn is to date as many women as possible and ask them what they need and what they want. Woman are great communicators and they will tell you the truth.

Go and get a girlfriend!

Nothing is easy in life, and you have to put in effort in order to get anything. To get a girlfriend is no different, put yourself out there without fears, do the mistakes and learn from them, learn about yourself, learn to understand women, learn about right expectations, and finally get to your goal and get a girlfriend you want.

Start with dating because it is a learning process to get the right girlfriend. Go get her!

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