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January 16, 2013

How To Kiss a Girl

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Written by: William Ruddy
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There is no right or wrong way to kiss a girl. Every girl is different, wants certain things, but there are several things you shouldn’t do.

1. Don’t be Sloppy

The worst is a sloppy kisser. No one wants to feel like a dog licked and drooled all over their face after a kiss. She doesn’t want to think about washing/drying her face while or after she’s kissing you. Sloppy kissing shows a lack of coordination. If you’re not coordinated with your lips, what will she think of everything else? Don’t be the sloppy dog she kissed that one time.

2. Don’t Be Too Drunk

We have all at one time or another kissed a girl or guy either buzzed or drunk. If you find yourself in that predicament, make sure you’re not borderline sloppy, losing control, smell horrible, sweating profusely, or reeking of alcohol. Girls notice these things and rarely forget. Don’t be the sloppy, creepy, stumbling drunk kisser every girl avoids.

3. Control That Tongue

Yes, most people enjoy a little tongue, but don’t be shoving that thing down her throat or attempting to force it in her mouth. In mid kiss a girl will let you know when it’s acceptable. Focus more on her lips and the tongue will find its way into the equation when the time is ripe. Girls and guys always remember the person who tried to shove that tongue down their throat.

4. Slow Down

The best advice for any kisser is to take it slow. Don’t dive in, bump heads and lips. Lean in slowly, hover for a few seconds, and kiss her softly or let her meet your lips. Find out what she enjoys and build off that. If you take your time, it shows you care. If she sees you care with your actions and kiss, she’ll remember that first kiss and be excited for the next.

Do you have any dos or don’ts when kissing someone?

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