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June 20, 2012

How to talk to women on a first date

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So, you finally asked her out on a date and she said yes! A perfect first date should involve a dinner or some form of lunch one on one. Understanding communication in your dating life will help you find what you want in a woman and question what you want for yourself.

Cute things to say on a date

Let’s say at dinner, you already called her beautiful, and complimented her on her outfit, but besides physical appearance comments, you can’t really think of what you want to say. Don’t use general statements like “beautiful” “pretty,” etc. It is much better to use something cute and original. Go for particular qualities in a woman, for example, compliment on her eyes, but only if you truly like it. Choose a particular quality about her, her legs, her hair, her hands, her smile and compliment that in a cute way.

Talk about her life

Spark up a conversation about her life, it is good to ask her causal questions to keep the dating flowing. You could inquire “how was your day today?” or “what do you do for work?” or “tell me about where you grew up?” Asking those questions on the first date will make the woman feel important because she will think, “oh, he cares what I have to say.”

Be good listener

Woman love to talk, even if they say they don’t because every woman likes to talk about a topic they are passionate about. It is important to remember every woman is different, for some women you have to be patient until they open up to you; however, some women are already open books. It is also polite and respectful for you to look interested in what she is saying; nodding your head or chiming in to her stories can help the date run smoothly.

What type of woman do you want?

Now, listening to her stories and how she presents herself may indicate what type of person you think she is. It is up to you to decide if you want a woman who is shy at first and see if she is interesting enough for you to continue dating her. If she is very outgoing, an extrovert and talks most of the time, you need to think if you can see yourself dating this type of woman. A great question that could determine what type of woman you want is “What do you do in your free time?” I recommend you ask this question on a first date because she might list some activities that you both might share in common. For example, if she likes to read and watch movies at home in her free time or if she is the outdoorsy type and goes to the gym in her spare time, then you can feel out how you could fit into the picture with her.

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