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November 9, 2012

The Breakup


We’ve all been there, but some breakups are far worse than others. Here are five simple tips for men to help you get through the dreaded breakup and grow from these unfortunate experiences.

1. Stay Calm

If you ever want to see her again try not to lose your mind and get aggravated or worse angry. Spouting off a bunch of insults will only lead to saying something that you don’t mean and could cause lasting damage. On the other hand if you are the one calling it quits, it should go without saying there is no need to make a bad situation worse. Keep your cool when dealing with the issue–you never know maybe you’ll want her back someday.

2. Blame Game

Don’t point fingers. If she is leaving you she will probably say something along the lines of  “this is all my fault”, and it may be, but don’t let her take all the blame you were in this together after all. Take responsibility for your own faults and show some maturity. Same goes for you if you’re initiating the breakup, don’t give her a list of all the things she did wrong and follow it up with “…and that’s why I am leaving you.” Everyone makes mistakes, it takes two to be in or end a relationship.

3. Respect

Respect her opinion. If you are getting dumped you really have no choice in the matter but to maintain composure and accept her point of view. If its the other way around, give her a chance to respond and listen to her as long as she stays rational and composed, the minute she becomes abusive or starts placing blame give her some time to cool off.

4. Give her Space

If she left you then let her go. Give her the space she needs. Don’t call and text constantly after the breakup, give her some time to truly understand the decision she made, chances are she will call if the relationship had any substance to it. On the other hand if you left her, then leave, don’t call her late at night or anytime just because you know she will probably pick up.

5. Moving On 

If you want a second chance with a girl who left you then this is the most important tip. Chances are you will get one if you follow this step. Don’t go and celebrate your new found happiness by infiltrating a gaggle of sluts only to have the girl you really care about hear that you really have moved on- fast. And if you ended it, don’t make a point of bringing your new date into the bar your ex works at. It is just common courtesy to let her move on too.

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