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December 11, 2012

What to Buy Her


This holiday season it’s time to step it up. No more cheesy necklaces and lack-luster cards. It’s time to start giving the gifts she’ll really want, ones that require actual thought and knowledge of her interests. Follow these simple do’s and don’ts this holiday season and I assure you, your gifts will wow her this year.

Do: Unique Gifts

Ever thought about your girl’s favorite candy or toy from when she was young? Remind her of the old favorites this season. This will give you a chance to show her that you have been listening all along. Not only did you listen, but you really heard what she said and now you can surprise her with so much more than just a little something she’ll love.

Don’t: Be a Stalker

When digging for the gift giving gold, don’t be intrusive. If this is a new special someone you may have to dig a little more, so think hard or ask her best friend. Don’t do anything crazy like calling her mom, or stealing her Facebook password. If you’ve been together for a while and still don’t know these things, you have much bigger problems (issues) than what to get her for Chrismakah.

Do: Activity Gifts

Why not turn the gift into a fun activity the two of you can do together? So cook her favorite meal, take a cooking class (for those who need help in the kitchen), take a hot air balloon ride, send her on a scavenger hunt, the list goes on. Turn this holiday into an adventure the two of you are sure to remember.

Don’t: Activity Only You’ll Enjoy

I know, this could be a great excuse to go skydiving or ski, but if your girls afraid of heights this will NOT be a Christmas to show off in your photo album. Make sure your plans will be something both of you will enjoy. Maybe even do something that normally wouldn’t be on top of your list, make it all about her.

Do: Pictures

Hasn’t your girl ever made you take 1 or 100 (possibly cheesy) pictures together? It’s time to put them to use! Pull one of those photos out of the shoe box, find a frame and a bow and you found yourself a winner this Christmas. If you’re really feeling creative hunt down a Polaroid (or digital, but this will require a bit more time) and have a little photo shoot. It’ll be fun and provide you the perfect gift.

Don’t: Procrastinate

These ideas take some time, so think ahead. When whatever day you celebrate comes, you’ll be sure to wow her with your efforts and the perfect gift.

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