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November 16, 2008

What Women Want

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Written by: Anna Karimo
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What is it about women that makes them so hard to figure out? Some men think that women are only attracted to jerks. Some men are convinced that women want money and security. Others are sure that women only want men just like their fathers. And some have decided that not even the women themselves know what they want

Ask woman what she want.

The truth about what women want is simple. It could be any of the above but why guess what is your particular woman want or need. Even if she doesn’t know what she wants, if you ask her and you tell her that you would like to meet her needs. She will figure out the way to tell you what she wants and how to meet her needs. Woman are so much open and better at communicating what they really want. Remember, each woman is different. In order to know exactly what she wants, you need to ask her. If that doesn’t match up with what you already have to offer, you may want to find a way to match up to that as much as possible, if not to make her happy or you need to move on.

Qualities that woman desire in a man.

That said, there are several qualities that most women desire in a man, and it doesn’t hurt to see which ones you have or are willing to develop. In fact, it can help you a lot in your personal life.

Most women want a secure, confident, financially and emotionally steady man. The details may be different, but the effect is the same: a man who has a stable life isn’t likely to ruin theirs.

Most important for woman is to have a great relationship with man and create a family.

The most important thing women want to have a great relationship with man. Even if you do not poses all the qualities that women are looking for, but you can provide a great relationship, you will be ahead of your competition. Some women who have been brought up in an unstable home are going to be a little confused about the meaning of a stable life, but for the most part, women like relationships that are a safe bet to improve their lives.

Man with healthy attitude for life is more important than his money and the security he provides.

Your attitude, above all, is going to determine how attractive you are. If you take care of yourself physically, emotionally, financially, and mentally, you are already more attractive than any man out there who thinks women only like jerks.

If your financial affairs are in order, you are free to see the difference between women who only want money and the ones who are truly interested in you. If you carry yourself in a confident manner, you are already more attractive than men who think women only want younger versions of their fathers or that they don’t have any idea what they want.

Man with common sense and stability  is more important than being a jerk.

There is a lot of talk that women want a “bad boy” or “jerk” behavior in a man. There is a partially true in that, which comes naturally from our ancestors but only usually happens to a young woman. Bad boy or jerk behavior very often mistakenly taken for a “hero” behavior to woman. Showing that this kind of man can take easy risks if needed. For example, if she has a child and accidentally got in a fast river, she thinks a “hero man” will jump and save her baby. This is why woman are naturally attracted to bad boy or jerks. As soon as women mature, she more and more will be attracted to a practical man who can provide common sense and security to the same kid she is worried about.

What women want is simple, easy to learn, and follows common sense. You don’t have to do crazy things to get noticed or make yourself attractive. You need to do just the opposite be practical in your everyday life and it will pay off later.

Provide what she wants and you will get what you want.

Knowing what your woman want and providing her needs can open doors for you and you can easily ask her to provide your needs at any time. As I already said, woman are great communicators and negotiators. If they can see that you provide her with your needs, she will provide you with yours.


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