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December 9, 2013

10 Winter Date Ideas


Whether it is a first date or just past your tenth anniversary, there are plenty of things to do in that cold season that doesn’t involve being cooped up in a house. Women love to get out and do things especially with their man so try some of these winter date ideas with your special lady.

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating breaks up the normal date night with unexpected laughter as you both try not to fall over each other.

Hot Cocoa

Fill up a thermos with hot cocoa and go to the park. Use the cold as an excuse to cuddle on a park bench while taking in the scene or build snowmen. If you don’t want hot cocoa, try hot apple cider or coffee.

Art Museum

Go to an art museum to contemplate the deeper meaning of abstract pieces, it will be the perfect opportunity to talk about deeper meanings and symbolism., and might even learn a few new things about your partner. Art not your idea of fun? Try history museums or civic centers, they cover a range of subjects.

Sleigh Ride

Take a sleigh ride to prepare for the holidays and enjoy the scenery.  Cuddling close is an added bonus.

Fondue Night

Go out to fondue and make sure to share! Want to one up it? Make your own fondue at home. Don’t forget a warm cozy blanket, music, and the intimacy of feeding each other.  Chocolate for those who want it sweet or cheese for those who already have it sweet enough.

Indoor Go Carts

Spice things up with a little healthy competition while racing around a go cart track. Laughing always makes date night fun, even better when you beat the pants off your date.

Concert, Play, or Opera

Not much for activity or just want to have a relaxing night out? Take that special someone out to a show and don’t forget to hold hands! Cheer, laugh, or even cry as you are both wrapped up in the emotions of the show while giving you something to talk about even after it is over.

Take a Class

Take any kind of class from cooking to art. Getting up close and personal while learning is sure to build your relationship.

Wine Tasting

Go to a wine tasting, the wine will relax while starting a conversation. Never know what you will learn once those first date jitters are out of the way.

Go Con Hopping

By con hopping, I mean convention hopping. There many kinds of conventions with some of the top being Anime, Sci-Fi, and Comic. This can be anywhere from a daylong event to a 3 day stay. If you want to keep it light and easy, stop by and grab tickets for Saturday. It tends to be the busiest day with the most events. Meet awesome guest stars from your favorite shows and movies, or go to a class and learn something new. Want to get really into it? Help each other create costumes for the event, stay for the whole event, and see how many events you can attend. Most have some kind of dance as well, whether it is a themed black-tie formal or a hot and sweaty rave.

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