Carol Clark

Carol Clark

Dr. Carol Clark

Specialty: Sex Therapy

Dr. Carol Clark is an esteemed sex therapist and can assist you with bringing a healthy intimacy back into your life. She is certified to assist couples and individuals in dealing with past experiences that have brought them to seek guidance. She can assist you in taking accountability for your fears and reconnecting in your relationships.

Her book Addict America is based on her experiences as a long time sex therapist. Her message in this much anticipated book is that we are all the same so there is never a need to feel separate from each other. Sometimes your past is a painful place to revisit but with Dr. Carol Clark’s expertise, she can guide you to enhance your skills of coping. Dr. Carol Clark brings her compassion to the table with the hope that all of her clients will feel the connection they are seeking. This in return will replace helplessness to fulfillment in your relationships.

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