Saida Desilets

Saida Desilets

Saida Désilets

Specialty: Sex Savvy Coach

Saida is a gem of a human being and a brilliant example of the possibilities that are available to us. If sexual problems are arising in your relationship, Saida helps you find your inner sexy self which will emanate into your outer experiences.

Her book The Emergence of the Sensual Woman – Awakening our Erotic Innocence has received rave reviews by doctors in the industry of assisting women with issues. Saida offers programs, online courses and live events to help women become comfortable with their sexuality. If you have allowed issues with sex to destroy past relationships, Saida is the cheerleader of choice for your life change and her clients have commended her for her incredible life force. She has transformed her own past trauma into an incredible life and she can help you do the same. Get ready to embrace a sex life you have never experienced with Saida’s guidance.

Check out Saida’s YouTube channel for a taste of her wisdom.