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May 21, 2013

A Healthy Couple is a Happy Couple

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Written by: Claudia Alpert
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As much as it is a pain to actually get ourselves to eat healthy and go to the gym, there’s no doubt that it makes us feel better. However, often times when we are in a relationship, we get too comfortable and sometimes let ourselves go. I mean, let’s face it, who else are we trying to impress? The problem is, this can then cause our relationship to get  a little bumpy. We lose energy which then makes us lose interest in doing any sort of activities with our partner. Or worse, they lose attraction. But no one is perfect and we all need a little encouragement. Here are some fun activities you and your partner can do together in order for you both to stay happy and be one of the healthy couples.

Take walks.

The easiest and most relaxing form of exercise is simply walking. Pick a nice area, enjoy the sites, and once you’ve gone far enough, award yourself with a nice romantic lunch or dinner.

Join a class. 

Might seem a little cheesy, I know. But classes can be a really fun way to stay in shape! I highly recommend Zumba!

Go for  a  bike ride. 

Another very romantic and fun thing to do is go for a bike ride in the park. Not only can you go longer distances than you could walking, but it is an amazing workout.

Go dancing.

Just dancing at a club is a great way to get a good work out in. Grab your partner, get dressed up and go for a night out on the town! Talk about a sexy evening!


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Claudia Alpert
graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Advertising and a concentration in copywriting. From a young age she found her love of writing and was even considering becoming a creative writing major. When it comes to relationships Claudia is looking to share her knowledge of online dating with Nouveau Dating readers.

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