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December 6, 2013

Going Out on New Years Eve

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New Years Eve can be a stressful time of year. Who do you go out with? Where do you go? What to do? What to wear?
Here are a couple of simple New Years tips to get you excited for the New Years Eve festivities.

Atmosphere/Environment are everything- When you are making your plans for the 31st remember to include the whole party. Take into account who is coming and where the best place to celebrate may be. That could your favorite local bar, going downtown or going to a friends house. If you are trying to be more thrifty this year then try to avoid the lavish hotel parties. Hotel parties are typically expensive no matter how big of a group you have. With money already being distributed to getting  into the party, drinks, and the hotel room it all starts to add up quickly. If money is not an issue go for it! You can always bet there will be a ton on people partying with you.

Don’t become focused on ‘the kiss’- I bet you’re thinking, “But that is the best part about New Years Eve! The kiss at midnight!” Wrong. This is not a Cinderella story and it does not always go as you had planned it would. Remember that a kiss is just a kiss, if you have someone then smooch them! If not then do not fret about it. Sometimes just being surrounded by friends or family is far better then any kiss.

If you are going solo try to go out with other single friends- No matter how much you tell yourself it won’t bug you to go out with your friends that are in a relationship, it will probably annoy you in the end.  If you can, plan on going with a group of friends that are single and some of your close friends that are in relationship as well. That way you can get all of your friends together.

Watch your drinking-  Yes, it is New Years Eve. Yes, you should have fun. This is one of my tips because people are often using the holiday as an excuse to get wasted. Not only is it not attractive, but it is also embarrassing to the people you came with. Not to mention, you probably would like to live to see 2014. Have fun, but be responsible while you do so.

Dress for Success- Ladies, I know it is fun to dress up for occasions such as this, but don’t overdo it. Wear something cute but comfortable as well. In many parts of the country it will probably be near freezing so stay classy but warm while you do it! Gentlemen, dress up for New Years Eve. You don’t have to wear a suit and tie necessarily, but this is definitely a time of the year when you can dress up, and you should!

Don’t stress if things don’t go as planned- If you are the organizer or event planner of your friends things may get a little exhausting. Try not to get overwhelmed making everything perfect and getting everyone together. It is a tough job for anyone to handle! Focus on yourself and who you want to bring in the New Year with!

Enjoy yourself and dance like it is 2014 (get the practice in because it will be here soon enough)!

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Marissa Barten
Marissa Barten is a Communication graduate from the University of Colorado in Denver. A native to Colorado and California she loves to travel and experience everything she can get her hands on. A Sicilian woman that is obsessed with music, video games, and loves to let her 'freak flag fly'! Check out what else Marissa is up to with her blog

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