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February 13, 2014

Overcome Your Insecurities

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Everyone, whether single or in a relationship, deals with insecurities at some time or another. These insecurities can be about yourself as an individual or about any component of your relationship. When single, it can be easy to question who you are or what kind of person you’re becoming. You may begin to ask yourself if you will ever find someone or if you are even good at being single. In your relationship, you may question if your bond with your partner is as strong as think it is or would like it to be. You may also be insecure about whether your partner is going to be faithful to you. When doubting your relationship, you may still be dealing with your own personal insecurities as well. As humans, feelings of doubt are inevitable. The important thing to realize is that everyone is dealing with their own insecurities, and you can’t let them get in the way of living happily.

Boost Your Ego

The fastest way to get rid of your insecurities is to give yourself a quick ego boost. While not a permanent solution, simply making yourself feel more powerful or confident can go a long way in helping you overcome these feelings of doubt. If you wake up in the morning not feeling like yourself, put on a little mascara or some eye-liner. While it isn’t necessary to look amazing, make up can help you to feel a little better about yourself on an off day. Another way to boost your ego or self-esteem is to power pose. Actually stand in front of your mirror in the morning and do a pose that makes you feel powerful. This can help trick your mind into thinking about yourself in a more positive way. Try it out and see what it can do for you. Another way to give yourself a little boost is to simply offer yourself positive affirmations. Say them in your mirror while you’re getting ready in the morning. While you may not feel confident right now, doing these things to trick your mind and body will eventually change your attitude about yourself.

Focus On Yourself

As I have said in previous articles, finding time to simply be with yourself is so important to the way you view yourself. When you are trying to please so many people at work, school, or in your relationships, you can easily lose touch with who you are. Take some time to rediscover who you are and what you want. Reestablishing these things for yourself can help you in overcoming your insecurities. You may find that these insecurities no long align with what you want anyway.

Surround Yourself With Positives

Some insecurity can come from your surroundings. If you have someone in your life who is constantly putting you down or making you feel less-than, reevaluate their presence in your life. If they aren’t needed, simply stay away from them. If you have to be around them because you have to see them every day, try to remember that their opinion of you does not define who you are. You shouldn’t have to deal with anyone putting you down, but more importantly, you shouldn’t allow your opinion of yourself be shaped by someone who constantly criticizes you.

Know that you are a beautiful human being. Everyone has flaws and insecurities. If you are wondering why you are single, learn to stop worrying about that. Focus on being the best version of you and you may find that you attract exactly the right person. If you are worried about your relationship, really evaluate why you feel this way and look at the choices you may need to make to stop feeling less-than. Don’t allow anyone or anything to make you feel inferior. Love yourself and own who you are.


About the Author

Elizabeth Monsoor
Elizabeth Monsoor is currently working on her Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington. While Elizabeth pursues a career in dance, she has rediscovered her love for writing. When she is not in class or at rehearsals, Elizabeth enjoys actively commenting on episodes of reality television and tweeting her observations on relationships several times a day. She has an “eyes wide open” approach to dating, acting as an unofficial advisor and commentator on her friends’ relationships. Elizabeth hopes that her opinions on relationships and her love of sarcasm both entertain and inspire her readers.

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