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How To Kiss

April 11, 2013

Kiss and Tell

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Written by: Naomi Rouff
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To kiss… absolutely.

To tell… maybe not.

In today’s world, information travels at the speed of light. Someone tells someone else that your new crush took you home the other night and before you know it your friend who is studying abroad messages you on Facebook wondering why she heard about your new boyfriend through your old roommate! Now hold on a second, I can barely keep up with my current roommates and their newest love interests, let alone worry about someone halfway across the world. But that’s beside the point.

The real question is: Is it OK to kiss and tell? Or are some things better left unsaid? I’d say holding off for a little while might be in your best interest and here’s why:

What’s the Rush? If the guy was just there for one night you might not want to run off and tell all your friends about him. Telling all your friends leads to a string of potentially unwanted questions and could really get your hopes up. On the other hand, if he becomes your boyfriend then you’ll have countless chances in the future to bring him up.

Looking Cool. Not to sound cliché, because as we all know it doesn’t matter what people think, but it will be better for you to remain a mystery to this new suitor. He will be intrigued by your mysterious persona and casual outlook. He will want you even more if he sees how you’ve kept your cool and not become a stage five clinger after the first date.

The Slip Up. On the off chance that he runs into your best friends after one too many cocktails you don’t want them accidentally spilling the beans. Say you spilled your heart out to them the night before and they turn around and tell him, chances are he might get scared away. Not to say you can’t tell people you had a good time, simply don’t share all the dirty details right off the bat.

Now you’ve heard what I think, but it’s really up to you. Take it or leave it. Kiss and don’t tell, kiss and tell, kiss and Facebook post, tweet, Instagram, or any other crazy thing that comes to mind… or you could just kiss.

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Naomi is the CEO at Nouveau Dating and is a natural writer on love, dating and relationships. She loves to share her knowledge on these topics and hopes to provide some fun and laughs along the way.

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