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April 29, 2013

Dating Feature: Badoo


My curiosity sparked from when I lived in Brooklyn and there was an advertisement for Badoo in the Subway. Gorgeous people having fun looking at each other in a sort of Brady-Bunch style frame…hey, that looks fun. What is Badoo anyway? Here goes, another dating app feature review.

How To Use:

First things first, sign up using your Facebook account, add some pictures and start scrolling through people in your “area.” Using Badoo, you can explain that you’re looking for a date or just looking for some new friends. You can get ultra specific and post your interests/hobbies as well as your personal information like relationship status, about you and your sexuality.

Why is it exciting? Badoo plays on the emotion of intrigue to get you interested. The app is trying to sell you a membership by hoping you’ll be interested enough to pay money to see who wants to date—ahhmmm, “date”—you through their “encounters” tab.

Overall Experience:

I found the app to be annoying. After looking up more information about it, it seems to have privacy issues as well, which is scary when signing up using your Facebook account. The second unfortunate thing about the app is, Badoo got my location wrong. COMPLETELY wrong, same state… far from where I actually live…making the app useless. I was wondering why everyone’s name is Jose. Third reason, I really didn’t enjoy receiving ALL the emails that Badoo sent me (I think about 10 per day). I don’t care who is viewing my profile or about the fact that I need to upload more photos because I am losing views. Give me some time; setting up a profile takes a bit of work!

Actually, it’s just not what I thought it would be…or maybe I should have know it would be a “hook-up” site. Badoo does a good job trying to present itself in a different light but I am not impressed after trying it out myself.

Still, my favorite dating app would have to be Tinder. I would highly recommend trying it out!

Make sure to look out for next weeks article highlighting another great dating app.

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