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November 6, 2013

5 Types of Relationships

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Written by: Lauren Volpe
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                There are countless types of relationships out there, both functional and dysfunctional. But I’ve picked out a few main ones that seem to stand out. Also, because I’ve been feeling nostalgic, I’ve decided to label these after TV couples that I watched while I was a teenager. Because I can. Enjoy!

  1. The Veronica and Logan: These are two people that you know are dating but are extremely independent. They live in the same town, and have been together for years but only spend time together once a week. They refuse to let their “I” become an “us”. They probably laugh if you bring up living together, and they probably run for the hills if you mention marriage. They are free to pursue their own lives and interests. But if one party is secretly yearning for more closeness, or eventually wants to start a family, watch out because there will be some fights.
  2. The Doctor and Rose: You don’t just see these two together, you see them together all the time! They do everything together, whether it’s hanging out with friends, or each other, doing chores, going grocery shopping. You get kind of nervous when you see one without the other. You wonder if they are secretly joined at the hand/lips/hips. You find yourself making up a “couple name” for the both of them, as they’ve become one entity in your mind. They probably have a very deep connection, and are best friends as well as lovers. They might also be masking codependency issues or controlling behaviors.
  3. The Ryan and Marissa: These two seem to have some kind of a life-shattering drama occurring every week. This couple usually comprises of a drama-queen (male or female, I’ve seen both) and someone with a savior complex. They thrive on the friction of their constant problems, if the drama stopped, you wonder if they would have anything to talk about. But it seems to work for them. These relationships either drag on forrreeeveerrr or they end abruptly when the drama queen pushes it too far, and the savior has had enough.
  4. The Buffy and Angel: They dated way back when, and broke up because they weren’t compatible. But they can’t seem to stay out of each other’s lives. They’re constantly around, reminding each other about the feelings they still have. They might even have a child together, prolonging the residual contact. If you date one of these people, you’re probably going to be in constant competition with their ex. They will continue this until one of them finally decides to move on.
  5. The Luke and Lorelai: This couple is the ultimate will they/won’t they couple. They usually start out as a good friendship, even though everyone is just waiting for them to get together. And when they do, there are major fireworks. Their friendship has solidified their ability to complement each other’s personalities, and has opened up a good line of communication. This is the couple that can go the distance. But there is a major shift between friendship and romance, so both parties must make adjustments in their interactions to smooth over the transition.

There you have it, the 5 types of relationships complete with TV references! This has been fun. For me at least, hopefully you got all of them. If you think of any other couple types, post them here, or on our Facebook.

About the Author

Lauren Volpe
Lauren Volpe is a recent graduate of Texas State University with a BA in English Literature with a Minor in Anthropology. She is now a freelance writer. She is passionate about writing and studying human interactions. She enjoys giving relationship advice built on her personal history, and the experiences of her friends and family. She currently resides in San Marcos, Texas.

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