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February 23, 2013

Nursing a Broken Heart

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Written by: JP Miller
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You took a chance, dared to love, and your efforts backfired. Now your heart is in a tourniquet and you’re feeling sorry for yourself.

Hold your head up. You survived bumps and bruises as a toddler, you’ll survive heartache as an adult. Don’t give up on love because of a scorned heart. Love comes to those who dare to be loved. However, to be loved requires openness and vulnerability.

People are not changeless. Individuals grow; their desires and dreams evolve. Sometimes, even in the strongest romances, couples drift apart as they follow their own paths. Sadly, no one can cause heartache like the ones who are loved the most. Nonetheless, to experience love requires taking the risk of having a broken heart in the future.

Relationships do not exist in isolation of society. Inside and outside forces apply pressure upon the bond between two lovers. In love there are no guarantees. Sometimes the most intimate and greatest of loves dissipate and fade.

Yet, even with this knowledge, life should not be lived in, nor should love be treated with monotony. Life and love should be experienced as an adventure. An essential part of that adventure requires walking out of comfort zones and letting go of security blankets.

Keeping a positive attitude after losing love will aid the post-relationship healing process. Rather than pining for a lost lover be aware of opportunities for finding new romances. If your heart has been broken reach out to your friends. The nice thing about a broken heart is that it’s a universal feeling that all adults can empathize.

When you’re broken good friends will take you out, lift you up, mock the one who broke you, and probably treat you to libations while looking for an available hottie you can pass a little time and conversation with.

Grief is a process that takes time. Look forward to a new and brighter tomorrow; allow healing to come sooner rather than later.

Be daring, be bold, be adventurous.

Take life by the bridle and ride it for all it’s worth. Drink from its nectar deeply and savor its flavor.

As Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote, “Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Words I agree with wholeheartedly. Experiencing love may risk weight-loss-inducing pain and induce acute heartache, but it may also yield tremendous joy and unquenchable ecstasy.

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About the Author

JP Miller
JP is currently a student at The Second City in Chicago. He graduated from Texas A & M with a degree in Applied Arts & Sciences and enjoys writing about love and relationships in the 21st century.

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