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February 19, 2014

Why Fluffy Hates Your New Love

Why Fluffy doesn't like your new love.

Maybe you have a pet that you care about more than most people. Like a cat or dog that sleeps in the bed with you, a bird that flies free range in the house, or even a horse that you ride every day. Regardless of species, he’s there for you in the fur, feather or even scales. Then one day you think you’ve met Mr. Perfect but when you take him to meet Fluffy, your overly opinionated pet, Mr. Perfect gets a big thumbs down. Uh oh. What do you do if your pet hates your new love?

Animals can be a great judge of character, so if you bring home a date and Fluffy immediately hisses or growls, it might be a good warning. There could be several reasons for a negative reaction (like your date smells like his own pets) but if it seems to be a constant thing, then there might be trouble. Increase that trouble if Fluffy usually likes your other friends when they visit. Luckily if Fluffy hates everyone then your might just have an antisocial pet.

Watch Your Date’s Reaction

Pay attention to what he says when you first talk to him about your pet. Anything along the lines of, “I love animals, but I don’t like their mess,” to “I like animals, just not near me.” If you encounter this problem, don’t freak out. You can always try persuading  your new guy to soften up a bit.

Try to Get Him in Fluffy’s Good Graces

During the introduction, make sure to show Fluffy that your beau is your friend. Try rubbing your date’s arm while you stroke or talk to your pet. Once you establish your date’s friend status, have him carefully try to make contact. If possible, let him give a few treats.

Seek Professional Help

Sometimes your pet’s bad behavior escalates out of control when someone new is brought into the picture. Most pets are trained to some degree to eliminate bad behaviors. Antisocial pets can become social ones with minimal training. If you’re serious about keeping your relationship, alleviate stress by seeking out a professional trainer to help. With some guidance from a professional, you can fix problems like jealousy or territoriality fairly easily. For more advice, check out these links for dogs and cats.

About the Author

Amanda Juarez
Amanda Juarez is an aspiring nomadic freelance writer currently living in Colorado. Creative since the day she was born, she has many creative outlets from writing and art, to making jewelry and accessories, and even winning NaNoWriMo 2013. She spends much of her time learning abstract new things and hanging out with gamer friends. She hopes to be able to bring her experiences from living all over the county and translating the different cultures of dating into easy reading while adding a bit of geek to them.

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