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December 12, 2013

Learn a Thing or Two from Your Favorite Celebrity Power Couples


While many celebrity power couples spend most of their time in the spotlight, it’s not very common for regular people to look at them as models for a relationship, most likely because we simply can’t relate or even imagine the way these couples live. Another reason for not usually aspiring for a relationship like theirs is because, based on our observations and statistics, we never know how long their relationship is actually going to last. We can all understand how  difficult it must be to build a relationship when you are always being watched by the public eye. And remember, you can never really know what goes on in private by what the couple show the public, or what the tabloids might report.

All of this being understood, there are a few power couples who do seem to have their relationships together, and their connections appear so real and relatable, that they can inspire our own love lives.

William and Kate

What makes William and Kate, recently named most influential couple in London, such a great couple to aspire to is that their love story is so normal and easy to relate to. The power couple has been in each other’s lives for years, but it was not always a smooth ride.  Before becoming engaged, the couple split up for a while, reportedly due to Kate’s frustration and William’s lack of commitment. During this time, they both did their own things and were able to grow as individuals.

After William realized that Kate was the one for him, they were able to rekindle their love with a new appreciation for it. Now, they seem very happy, and William appears to treat Kate very well. This is a good reminder to us that even royal couples are human.They experience the same things we do as we grow and mature. They too have doubts about their relationships. So often when a couple hits a rocky spot, it is easy to give up completely, but Kate was patient and gave William space, and he soon realized how important she was to him

Posh and Becks

Victoria and David Beckham have been in the spotlight since the 90s and have been able to make their relationship last all these years. The couple fell in love quickly, meeting at a charity football match, and it has been true love ever since. David has been quoted saying that right away he felt that they should be together. While both Posh and Becks have their own separate careers, they have been able to keep their relationship a priority. David is a total family man, saying that “having children is the most beautiful thing in the world.” Having the support from your husband certainly helps the relationship.

However, it has not always been easy for them. Being in the spotlight, they were hit by rumors of scandal, but Victoria stuck by her man and they are still together today showing that if you love someone and work at it hard enough, you can make your relationship last.

Ellen and Portia

These two did not have such a smooth start to their relationship. Both women have had to deal with individual struggles in being gay, and they almost destroyed Portia. She has shared the struggles she faced while being closeted, how she developed an eating disorder because she was so afraid of her sexuality. She has shared the story that DeGeneres had approached her for a date and she had to turn her down because she was not ready to go public with her sexuality.

Eventually, the couple did end up together and Portia says that Ellen has really supported her and helped her overcome her struggles. They seem very happy together and their love and care for each other can be admired.

Inspiration and hope can come from many sources.  When a relationship works, it is a wonderful thing to see.


About the Author

Elizabeth Monsoor
Elizabeth Monsoor is currently working on her Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington. While Elizabeth pursues a career in dance, she has rediscovered her love for writing. When she is not in class or at rehearsals, Elizabeth enjoys actively commenting on episodes of reality television and tweeting her observations on relationships several times a day. She has an “eyes wide open” approach to dating, acting as an unofficial advisor and commentator on her friends’ relationships. Elizabeth hopes that her opinions on relationships and her love of sarcasm both entertain and inspire her readers.

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