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January 31, 2013

How to Avoid a Valentine’s Day Disaster


As you all know, the Homemade Valentine is a great idea, but you’ve got to be careful. Whether you’re making a gift this year or have already found the perfect thing use these simple tips to avoid a Valentine’s Day Disaster.

1. Allergies

Find out about any food, flower, or other allergies ahead of time! Bringing your new girlfriend lilies this Valentine’s Day seemed like a great idea, until you found out the hard way that she’s allergic. She breaks out in hives and is so embarrassed she asks you to leave while tears stream down her face. So much for romance! Make sure your Valentine doesn’t have any allergies before you buy the flowers or add nuts to the homemade dish dessert.

2. Calm your Nerves

We’ve all been there: you met the perfect guy or the most gorgeous girl, the most romantic day of the year is right around the corner, you have a whole night planned, but your heart is beating out of your chest in fear. You don’t want to fall walking down the stairs when you pick her up, trip when you get into the car, or spill your drink down your new shirt. Take a breath. Remember you and your date clearly already like each other and can have a great time. So relax and enjoy yourself.

3. Plan Ahead

If you want to make Valentine’s Day special, you’ve got to put some thought into it ahead of time. Want to take him to the most romantic restaurant in town? You’re not the only one with that idea, so make your reservations ASAP. If you show up at the florist’s on the fourteenth, you’ll be lucky to find a week old dandelion. Place an order for the white roses you know she’ll love so you don’t have to worry about showing up empty-handed.

 4. Realistic Expectations

Valentine’s Day can be extra-romantic, or it can be a huge letdown. Do your best to make it special, but remember that just because the restaurant you’re at hung up pink hearts doesn’t mean it’s going to be the most magical night of your life. The most important thing is just enjoying time with your partner. And don’t forget that any night can be romantic with a little effort, so make Valentine’s a year-round thing.

5. First Kiss

You know that on a big night like this, things can heat up, and it’s the perfect time to finally move in for that amazing first kiss, but how can you be sure you won’t screw it up? First, relax. Bumping foreheads because you’re so nervous could really spoil the mood. Second, trust in your chemistry. The two of you have a connection that will naturally draw you together, so don’t force it, wait for the right moment to present itself. Finally, just go for it. When you’re outside her door and she’s dawdling in her goodbyes, that’s the time to get close and go on and kiss the girl.

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