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April 16, 2013

How to Have a Summer Romance

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Written by: Tracey Fuller
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Summer Love on a beach

I am sure you have seen it in the movies:  A young woman and man meet, they fall in love, it’s Summertime, then Summer ends, and they have to decide whether or not they can stay together, because they are going away to separate colleges in the Fall. Whomp, whomp. It’s the ever-failing story of the Summer Romance, as portrayed in books, TV, and movies. But, what happens when you find yourself smack dab in the middle of a “Summer Romance”? And, is it realistic to continue on with the relationship knowing it’s going to end?

Let’s take a look back at the movies about Summer romance, like Grease. I know, kinda cheesy and unrealistic, but remember Danny and Sandy had some “Summer Lovin'”, and it was only rekindled had it not been for the fact that she ended up transferring to his high school. But, there were also complications, like Sandy being too uptight to join Danny’s circle of friends, and the fact that she was just too chaste and proper for Danny to handle at times.

What the message in the movie musical Grease conveys is that it’s hard to reignite the Summer Romance in the real world. As for in the movie, well, of course they ended up together, only after Sandy went and changed into a slut who wears black leather hot pants, which is also what I don’t recommend for women to do!

I think if you want to have a Summer Romance, you have to just live in the moment, and be happy for the relationship you two have for that time being. If you get into super serious, emotional roller coaster of a romance, then maybe consider your options of continuing the relationship. The idea of a Summer Romance is to have a sort-of carefree fling, and the fact that it doesn’t have to end up being a serious commitment. I know these ideas may sound cliche, but keeping your romance upbeat by doing activities together like biking along the lake, taking a midnight stroll, or just going out for ice cream and seeing what the day has in store can be fun. And refer to the song from Grease, “Summer Nights.”  Trust me, you won’t be able to get it out of your head.

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