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January 14, 2014

Keep Your Relationship Private

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When in a relationship, there may be many moments that you want to share with your friends or on Instagram, and many are acceptable to share. However, for the most part, you should want to keep most of the intimate details and moments of your relationship private. Not every moment has to be shared, not every “I love you” has to be seen by your entire Facebook friends list, and any conflicts or fights should definitely not be made public. Your relationship is your relationship. You share this bond with one person, your significant other. Your relationship should be kept relatively private from everyone else.


Well first, the intimate details of your relationship are really nobody’s business besides your significant other’s and your own. Second, while it is ok to share a quick pic of the two of you together every once in a while, it is quite another thing to flood everyone’s timelines with your pictures of everything you do together, paired with cheesy googled quotes as captions. This is not only obnoxious to most of your friends, but it also isn’t necessary. The only person you should have to convince that you’re in love is your significant other, and they should already know this.

Also, sharing all of the details, whether good or bad, with your friends can either make them feel awkward because you are sharing so much with them, or turn them against your significant other. If you’re sharing the good, you know that you will also be sharing the bad, and while you may be quick to forgive your S.O., your friends may not be so forgiving.


Just focus on each other.  It’s pretty simple. Of course you can tell your friends quickly that you are extremely happy in your relationship and post a picture every once in a while, but don’t feel the need to overload on the publicity aspect of your relationship. And stop posting every issue you have with each other on Facebook, not only is it hurting your relationship, but it also makes you look extremely immature. When you’re out with each other, be affectionate, but don’t feel the need to put on an act for those around you. Just be true to yourself and the relationship. Share with your friends and family, but never give them the entire story.


Keeping the relationship between you and your S.O. for the most part will bring many benefits to your relationship. First of all, the two of you will be able to deal with your troubles easier than if you have other people butting into your relationship and your issues. Also, the bond between the two of you will strengthen. You won’t be worried with showing others what you are doing together, but instead focus on the relationship itself and strengthening the connection that you two have. Your relationship will be more intimate because of this, and you two will grow closer to each other which is extremely important to the success of your relationship. Try to limit the publicity of your relationship and see how it can benefit you two.

Hold Up

While I am telling you to keep your relationship private, I am not giving you an excuse to keep your relationship a secret and cheat on your S.O. There is a huge difference between keeping a relationship sacred and keeping it secret in order to benefit only yourself. I am telling you to keep your relationship private to give yourself the opportunity to focus on each other. Don’t take advantage of the sacredness and intimacy of your relationship to then just destroy it.


About the Author

Elizabeth Monsoor
Elizabeth Monsoor is currently working on her Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington. While Elizabeth pursues a career in dance, she has rediscovered her love for writing. When she is not in class or at rehearsals, Elizabeth enjoys actively commenting on episodes of reality television and tweeting her observations on relationships several times a day. She has an “eyes wide open” approach to dating, acting as an unofficial advisor and commentator on her friends’ relationships. Elizabeth hopes that her opinions on relationships and her love of sarcasm both entertain and inspire her readers.

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