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October 17, 2013

Rekindling The Fire: 5 Romantic Destinations For A Second Honeymoon

A young couple share a romantic dinner on the beach

Guest Post by Tricia Borren

Reigniting the passion you had in your first days of marriage is just a vacation away. Consider taking a second honeymoon! Here are some of the best destinations to think about as you plan your romantic getaway:

1. Thailand
If you are ready for something truly different, Thailand might be your best bet. This beautiful country is full of exquisite culture in addition to delicious meals and beautiful scenery. Thailand is also an affordable destination for couples who want a full spa experience at an affordable price.

2. The Bahamas
It doesn’t get more romantic than a beautiful room in a private island locale. The coast is all around you, so hotels offer gorgeous views and fun activities year round. Your island retreat includes relaxing on the beach, shopping for local handicrafts and swimming with majestic dolphins.

3. Australia
Who doesn’t love a bit of adventure? That’s what you get when you book your second honeymoon in Australia. One of the best things about Australia is that it’s so big and diverse. You have the opportunity to lie on the beach and tan or enjoy one of the more urban areas, like Melbourne or Sydney. The plentiful wildlife is another major draw to the country of Australia.

4. Greece
Greece is not only a beautiful destination, it’s also full of rich history. There are many major cities in Greece for you to consider visiting, including Athens and Crete. You can sip a glass of wine or enjoy a traditional Greek meal together in a delightful café. There’s really no way to go wrong as you embark on an adventure in Greece.

5. France
It might seem a bit cliché to go to Paris for your honeymoon, but there is a reason it has been called the most romantic city in the world. The City of Lights is perfect for visiting museums and historical sites sandwiched between sipping early-morning coffee and taking evening strolls. The city’s ambiance is enough to rediscover the butterflies in your stomach when you see your spouse.

There are plenty of wonderful honeymoon destinations for you to consider and this just a handful of your options. The most important thing is that you spend time with your spouse, showing him or her how much you care and value the years of bliss that you’ve shared together.

Tricia Borren is a mother who enjoys blogging in her free time. If you choose put the passion back in your relationship with a second honeymoon to the Bahamas, she suggests the Reef Residences at Atlantis for a spectacular island experience.

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