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August 22, 2013

How to Say ‘I Love You’ Without Saying it


Most relationships start off blissful and fun, but as time goes on, the prescription on those rose-colored glasses changes and the interesting and enjoyable aspects of the relationship become blurry. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case for couples who are willing to constantly work to keep their relationship playful and fulfilling. Pairs in long-term relationships or marriages tend to grow too comfortable and forget that they should never stop dating their mate. One of the most important ways to show affection is to make it clear how much you love and appreciate them. Here are some ways to get creative with expressing your sentiments:


There’s nothing quite like the jolt of being taken off guard by an unexpected show of affection from your better half. Just knowing that they were thinking about you and trying to make you happy should be enough to brighten your day. The best thing about surprises is that they can be as cheap, creative or intricate as you want. They can be as simple as secret love notes hidden around the house, or as elaborate as a romantic scavenger hunt around town. Flowers, a favorite treat, or a love letter in the mail are also other easy ways to show you care. The key to a great surprise is the thought that goes into it and the personal touches that only you two will appreciate.

Sharing Interests

Too often we divide our time among so many things like school, work, family and friends, and we don’t get as much alone time with our sweethearts as we want. That’s why it’s important to try to share some of the interests that your partner has. Finding activities that you can enjoy doing together will bring you closer as a couple and help reignite the passion that burned so hot at the beginning of your romance. Make the effort to be the girlfriend who actually watches the football game or the boyfriend who doesn’t mind taking his girl out for an afternoon of shopping and your attempt will be rewarded with a renewal of energy and excitement in your relationship.

The Little Things

Sometimes all a relationship needs is a little extra kindness to get through a romantic rut. When you can feel external pressures closing in around you and your spouse, take a breather and try to remember to not only think of how you’re going to get yourself through this, but how you’re going to bring your partner through it as well. Little things like making their favorite meal or finishing their chores before they come home will win you bonus points and bring down stress levels for both of you. Offering a relaxing body massage or even just a sincere compliment can also assist in expressing your love for your partner.

An Unconventional “I Love You”

When it comes down to it, sometimes the only way to show your companion how you feel is to use those three famous, precious words. Rather than just blandly saying it though, try to mix it up and get creative. Write it onto the foggy mirror after a shower so it’ll show up next time they bathe, or spell it on the kitchen table with cutlery to greet them with their breakfast. Using things like fall leaves, spring flowers, or snow will add a neat touch of the seasons to your message. Much like the surprises, this can be as creative and playful as you’d like to make it, so have fun with it and show your love your inventive side!

Although the newness of your relationship may be waning, don’t stop going out of your way to keep your significant other feeling happy and loved. The only way a partnership can last is to always keep making an effort. Even when things get tough (actually especially when they do), do your part to romance your partner every chance you get. It doesn’t take much more than willingness and some creativity to bring any relationship back from down in the dumps to feeling fresh and exciting once more.  

About the Author

Shana Diaz
Shana Diaz is a Colorado native finishing her BA in Creative Writing at Colorado Mesa University in the fall. Besides being a shameless romantic she also boasts of being a Nerdfighter, a Potterhead, and just an all around bookworm. When she isn’t stuck in the stacks at the library or working as a home health care aid, Shana enjoys spending her time gallivanting around the Internet with her long distance boyfriend and devouring the blogs of her favorite authors.

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