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January 29, 2013

Why Aren’t We Engaged Yet?

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Written by: Tracey Fuller
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You’re becoming anxious as you see other friends getting engaged, getting hitched, and (gasp!) getting pregnant. And yet, your guy of 2+ years doesn’t seem to be pushing the issue of marriage with you, which put’s you in utter panic mode. Why hasn’t he popped the question? Do you bring this up to your man, hoping this will get him to think about marriage?


Know What You Want

When I talk to women who are in the “waiting for the ring” situation, it’s either because 1. They are in a committed relationship and feel it’s the right next step, 2. It’s been 2 years, it’s time for their man to “put a ring on it”, and 3. All of their friends are getting married, and they don’t want to be the “last single friend.” Wanting to get married is kind of like wanting a new car—you want something that is reliable, smells nice, attractive, and without a lot of miles. If the man you’re with is not the dream car you have always wanted, don’t settle just because he is willing to marry you. Being with them for a long time does not grant you both marriage material. Relationships are WORK, and when he put’s a “Ring on it,” it does not mean he will magically turn into Prince Charming, and then it’s happily ever after.


All My Friends Are Married. Shouldn’t I Be?

All your friends are engaged or married? So what! I know people that are content being single, and being in a relationship does not mean your life is complete. Being happy with yourself and knowing what you want in a relationship and from your man will allow you to be content, and when the time comes for marriage, you will be secure and confident in your decision.


He Does Think About It

Ladies, if a guy is in a committed relationship with you, he does think about marrying you. One day. Men do not like to be nagged and constantly reminded that you want to get engaged. They do things on their own time, and most men have the “provider mentality” about them. If they are in a profession where they are looking to climb the ladder or going to school so they can get a better job in the future, they want to be able to take care of their women. If your man is not there yet, then he is probably waiting till all his ducks are in a row before popping the question. Don’t get plagued by other friend’s engagements and weddings—your time will come. Patience is a virtue, and wouldn’t you want your guy to unexpectedly get down on one knee to propose to you, without giving him an ultimatum??


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Tracey Fuller
Tracey is a Chicago native and has her degree in journalism from Columbia College. Her passion for writing about dating and relationships derives from her own experiences, as well as from friends conversations about their dating life. She has been a freelance writer for 10 years.

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