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November 18, 2013

The 3 Sex Questions You’re Too Shy to Ask


Guest Post by Josh Dyhamel

There are thousands of questions about sex that some people might be squeamish to ask. But if you don’t ask those sensitive sex questions you may be missing out on a lot of fun in the bedroom. It helps to be open and confident when bringing up issues with your partner. In most cases, it just takes a little time to come up with a strategy for the best way to bring up your curiosity. Use this guide to figure out how you can make your next move successfully to achieve sexy results.

  1. How big are you down there? Many women are curious about penis size because it can have a significant effect on the probability of a great orgasm. If you’re not comfortable asking straight-up, a little dirty talk could give you clues on his size depending on how he responds to you. You could also give a massage to help him relax. Work your hands down toward his nether-regions, and if he’s game he might let you keep going til you’re in range to cop a feel.

  2. Can we try another sex toy instead of a vibrator? Some people get bored with vibrators, while others just don’t like the idea of using a device with a motor that close to their private parts. Do a little research and then make a suggestion for another sex toy that you’d like to try or ask your partner if there’s any other sexy way they want to spice up your between-the-sheets activities. Be open to exploring other ways to make each other feel good.

  3. How can I get my partner to give me oral sex? Sometimes people are uncomfortable with the concept but you can try to entice your partner with a few options. Strike a compromise and say you are willing to perform oral sex as long as you get to receive it as well. You can make it playful with food or dessert items. They could also use their hands and fingers to massage the area and lick their fingers afterwards to help them slowly get comfortable. Try not to force your partner into it—there’s nothing sexy about that.

Sidebar: A Potential Concern for Women

If you’re on your period but still in a frisky mood, you might not know how to bring up the issue without grossing your partner out. Your partner might be game if you explain how to go about it in a comfortable way. Some people don’t need any more prep than just a towel put down on the bed before getting started. Choose a position than minimizes your flow, or pick up some special menstrual cups designed to use during sex. Or use your time of the month as an excuse to explore the wonderful possibilities that shower sex has to offer!

Josh Dyhamel frequently writes about sex, relationship, marriage and other topics related to dating. He is a regular member of and usually contributes to their blog and forum. Connect with him via his Facebook page.

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