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September 12, 2013

How to Touch a Woman

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Oh foreplay, you never stop being amazing do you? Some people think that foreplay is just what you have to get through to get to intercourse, but for a woman, it can be a game-changer for the sex to come. By building up intensity and intimacy during foreplay, you can ensure intense and intimate sex. Skimp out on foreplay and you run the risk of lackluster intercourse. If you don’t know how to touch a woman, you’re both missing out.

Let’s just start at the top and work our way down, shall we?

Ears: This is a great one, because you can use it to get her in the mood, or continue it. Lightly whisper into her ear what you’re planning to do to her later, (the more public the place, the more exciting the secret.) Later, kissing or lightly nibbling her earlobe, or kissing behind her ear will intensify the mood.

Lips: Sometimes people see kissing as a precursor to sex. But kissing her during slow, intense sex is an incredibly powerful and intimate experience. And keep the kissing varied! Don’t just autopilot through the motions; play around with nibbling or lightly sucking on her lips.

Neck: Paying the neck a little attention is a great way to get a woman in the mood. Nuzzle, kiss, lightly bite, whatever you want. Some people suggest lightly stroking with your fingers, but that could be a little creepy. Gauge the intensity by how far along into the intercourse you are. Just don’t clamp on like a vampire or leave a hickey because that stopped being cute in high school.

Back: Women need more massages! Get some oils, light some candles and rub your woman down. She’ll be relaxed and in the mood. And then afterwards you can ask her if she wants a “frontal massage.”

Breasts: Breasts are amazingly stimulating, if you suck, kiss, rub, or very lightly nibble on the nipples. Don’t forget about the rest of the breast though! Massaging is not only sexually stimulating, but also relaxing. Some women like having their breasts stimulated more intensely than others, so be sure to rely on her instruction and find out her preferences.

Inner Thigh: This is a very powerful erogenous zone, because it’s so close to the genitals. But it can also be ticklish. Make sure to wait until she is in the mood to begin kissing and nibbling her inner thigh. Then when you do, you’re basically teasing her and driving her wild.

Genitals: Penetration is not the only fun activity down there. There are hours of pleasure for her if you’re willing to put in the effort. Stimulate her clitoris with your hand, tongue or an electronic helper, or penetrate her with your hand while kissing her lips or breasts. Please be sure to check her enjoyment level, and ensure that she feels comfortable giving instruction.

Butt: Lightly spanking during intercourse is the quickest way to make her feel like a sex-kitten. If your girl isn’t down with spanking, grab or massage her buttocks. Just be sure to do it firmly, because the muscle makes them less sensitive than breasts. Also, don’t forget about anal stimulation (but you probably want to ask before you go for it)!

Toes: A foot rub will get her relaxed and in the mood. Nuzzling or licking her insole will stimulate her and lightly sucking on her toes will drive her wild! Feeling weird about the foot thing? Try this after she’s just gotten out of the shower.

Combine two or more of these zones at one time to maximize pleasure, like kissing her neck and massaging her nipple with one hand while stimulating her clitoris with the other. Or nibble her earlobe while rubbing her back. Have fun experimenting!

To find out more, check out Female Erogenous Zones for tips on erogenous zones, and achieving orgasm. It’s a little heavy-handed on the importance of G-spot orgasm over clitoral orgasm, but is still a good resource. And if you have any questions, post here, or on our Facebook page.

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