Dating Expert and Life Coach Karimo has created a unique blend of practical effective dating techniques and life strategies that she has developed while working with over thousands of single clients over the past decade.

According to Karimo, dating success in life requires implementation of a step-by-step action plan. Her overall dating and life strategy is a collection of easy-to-digest actionable steps that anyone can master if he/she is focused on his/her dating and life goals, is a good listener and an avid learner.

The basic strategy devised by Expert Karimo at “ Karimo Coaching” and “ Nouveau Dating ” is to learn and then act on it. First, she works with clients to determine their goals and desires. Second, she helps the clients to develop a plan to achieve the success that they have always wanted — it is all about actions and executing the coaching that Karimo Coaching provides!

Some people might seem to know it all; whereas actually underneath they are searching for what steps they can take to make their dating life more fruitful. And for other daters, who are lonelier, they are ardently seeking dating strategies that can help them meet their soul mates. When it comes to the need for dating strategies, no age group is spared. In the past, most single individuals relied on matchmakers, friends, and family introductions. But with today’s fast paced and sometimes isolated lifestyles, single people need to develop dating strategies that will help them meet someone on their own.

When we talk about dating, there are certain strategies that you need to apply if you want your first date to be a success. Although some of these ways may seem obvious, many people still fail to realize their mistakes and then wonder why they never get success on their first dates.

Like preferences in food, drinks, clothing, music, and just about everything else, preferences in relationship styles vary widely from person to person and couple to couple. While some people like a casual, non-exclusive relationship from time to time, others may thrive only in a secure, committed relationship environment. Emotional baggage from previous relationships and our individual personalities shape our dating preferences throughout our lives, and often, the direction the relationship takes is dependent on one’s significant other as well.

For many of us, we know what we desire, but sometimes we don’t know how to get from point A to point B. Old habits get in the way and the daily grind can hinder us from getting what we really want out of life. At Karimo Coaching, we help you to identify the obstacles that are holding you back and help you leave old habits behind. We work with you to develop new, positive habits that can be incorporated in your life to get you on the road to success and fulfillment. Simply put: Karimo Coaching helps you change your behavior so you can enjoy your life more.

We understand that all of us cannot have a life of balance at all times. This is why we provide extra personal care and coaching, so you can be prepared for when the hard times come. We give you the tools to execute steps in all aspects of your life that will allow you to obtain balance, happiness, and success no matter what life throws at you.

Karimo Coaching has had the privilege of serving some of the most successful Hollywood leaders and business executives. We have helped them make changes to their behaviors that directly result in a more balanced life fulfilled with enjoyment. We are waiting to help you enjoy the same success. Contact us today and get the life and career that you’ve always wanted which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Improving your career and income
  • Growing your business
  • Enhancing your personal relationships
  • Finding your soul mate
  • Improving the relationship with your child
  • Finding the success you deserve

All of this is possible with Karimo Coaching. So what are you waiting for? Contact Anna today!