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January: An Unlucky Month for Love?

Apparently the merry holiday spirit of December is followed by a not so merry time. According to a study done by, January is the most popular month for breakups.  Who would’ve thought? With New Year̵...
by Elisa Freese

Young redhead girl jumping at the beach.

Finding Happiness: 4 Insightful Ways to Get Over a Break Up

Guest Post by Hannah Whittenly Being in a relationship has its ups and downs. Sometimes everything works out and you stay together, but other times unfortunately, things don’t work out, and breaking up is your best option...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters


6 Signs You’re in a Good Relationship

Guest Post by Libby Clark Maybe you’ve found yourself at the bottom of a Ben and Jerry’s carton recently, or maybe your mom is secretly sending your significant other subscriptions to bridal magazines. (Maybe itR...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters



To Find the Best Boyfriend, Avoid the 7 Worst Types of Guys

We all know one of these sweetheart girls. She deserves the best boyfriend to treat her like a princess, but most of the time this Snow White passes on princes and gets stuck with the worst kinds of dwarves. Every single member...
by Most Brave Girl


How to Stop Feeling Bad For Him

We have all probably been there, and if you haven’t, consider yourself lucky. Recently, I was in a relationship where I felt bad for my boyfriend whenever he screwed up. He seemed to always turn the situation around on me...
by Melanie Moccia