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Young Couple on Tropical Beach

Commit Without Losing Yourself

Sometimes, in an attempt to please our partners, we can lose who we are. We may not be happy with this change in ourselves, but may feel that there is nothing that we can do to change it. We think that we cannot have it both wa...
by Elizabeth Monsoor

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Simple Pleasures: 5 Reasons Why We Love Being In a Relationship

There are so many reasons we enjoy being in a relationship. Some are just human nature: We all want to make strong connections with other people and we want to feel the excitement of interacting with someone personality meshes ...
by Elizabeth Monsoor

group of young womens drinking wine

How to Adjust After a Breakup

A breakup can make it very difficult for you to go on with your normal routine. The person you just broke up with was a huge part of your life, whether they were always there for you or not. Adapting to the new situation can be...
by Melanie Moccia



The Sexiest Thing About You

A lot of media content undermines women. It’s hard to feel secure about yourself after reading “97 Things You Didn’t Even Know Men Were Judging You For.” The one thing that is the most difficult to retain after reading ...
by Most Brave Girl


Go For It Already Would You!

So many times I hear people analyzing every action or questioning every move they make when they date. I definitely think it’s a great idea to reflect and think before you act. There are times though; that we go into what...
by Nicole Castrovince