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The Do’s and Don’ts of First Date Conversation

The first date is a defining moment of a relationship. If the date goes well, you will likely go on more dates. If it doesn’t, you’ve got to move on to the next one. While the first date can be awkward, you want to be s...
by Elizabeth Monsoor


How to Get Dumped, Step-by-Step

My last job was so dreadful that one boring Tuesday, a thought crossed my mind: “How can I get myself fired?” I wanted out, bad. But with no steady income, I was going to have to cancel, or at the very least downgrade, my p...
by Jack Gashi


Why Your Dating Checklist Doesn’t Work

Lately, too many single women have been making lists of what they want and don’t want in a man and a relationship. But do those actually work, or are they turning away possible love matches because of these extensive list...
by Christy Goldstein



Crimes of Dating

Let’s say you really like someone. You think she’s really cute or you’ve told your closest friends how much you like him. If you want it to work out, check yourself! Don’t do any of these gross, weird, creepy or annoyin...
by Naomi Rouff


Avoid First Date Disaster: Part 2

The Seven Deadly Sins of Dating Some of these have been mentioned before as immediate red flags, but they bear repeating. If you are doing any of these things on a first date, please, please stop. 7. Be Too Self-Deprecating or ...
by Most Brave Girl