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Happy joy female with a gift

What Do I Buy Him? 5 Great Gift Ideas for Your Man

We’ve all been there. It’s a week, or even less before your mans’ birthday, your anniversary or a holiday. You have no idea what to get him because it seems like he has it all. Take a look at this list to get ...
by Melanie Moccia


Mix it Up

While cleaning out my car, I came across an artifact from one of my relationships past.  It was a mix CD sent to me by my first love.  Although it was scratched beyond recognition, it still maintained a lot of it’s charm, b...
by Hannah Warner


A Valentine’s Day to Remember

A Chance to Celebrate Call it commercialism, marketing, corporate takeover of a national holiday, or whatever you want to. That doesn’t change the fact that Valentine’s Day is practically tomorrow and your lover is ...
by JP Miller



Giving a Gift

Giving your significant other a gift is always tricky, but it’s particularly difficult when you’ve only recently begun dating. Giving a gift that’s too big can scare them off, but not giving a gift at all can make it seem...
by Ashley Clarke