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Important Lessons That We Can Learn From Our Relationships and Breakups

There are important lessons that we can learn from our relationships and breakups that will show us how to have healthier connections, and teach us things about ourselves that we wouldn’t have noticed. Every broken heart and ...
by Christina Scribner


Could You Be Breaking Your Own Heart?

Could you be breaking your own heart without even knowing? Are you constantly searching for a magic “something” that no real human can live up to? Maybe you aren’t comfortable in your own life, so you live for the person ...
by Christina Scribner


How to Survive the Phases of a Broken Heart

Lost love, hurt feelings, and loneliness aren’t much fun, but you can spin your broken heart into something positive. It is important not to become bitter after a breakup. We need to take responsibility for our fates, by heal...
by Christina Scribner