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Couple on a date.

5 Rules Every Man Needs to Beat the First Date Jitters

Guest Post by Dixie Somers First dates are exhilarating experiences, but nervousness can interfere with big plans. You definitely want to avoid making a negative initial impression because that can be really hard to bounce back...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters

First Date

Pick a First Date Spot She’ll Love

Dear Most Brave Girl, I’m taking a girl out to dinner for the first time this weekend but I don’t know too much about her. What is the perfect first date spot for us? Regards, Strange Ranger Dater Dear SRD, Besides practica...
by Most Brave Girl


Mix it Up

While cleaning out my car, I came across an artifact from one of my relationships past.  It was a mix CD sent to me by my first love.  Although it was scratched beyond recognition, it still maintained a lot of it’s charm, b...
by Hannah Warner