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Finding Happiness: 4 Insightful Ways to Get Over a Break Up

Guest Post by Hannah Whittenly Being in a relationship has its ups and downs. Sometimes everything works out and you stay together, but other times unfortunately, things don’t work out, and breaking up is your best option...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters


Relationship Starting to Fizzle? Why It’s Okay to NOT Panic

Once upon a time, it seemed like you and your partner could read each others’ minds. You agreed on everything and did everything together. You were such a perfect match that you wondered how you were able to survive separ...
by Keisha Jeffries


Need Personalized Help with Your Love Life? Sign Up for the Diamond Package Dating Workshop

In Denver, Colorado by Love and Dating Experts Anna Karimo and Grace Yablon Are you single and lonely? Do you need help navigating the crazy world of dating? In this three day workshop, we’ll teach you the secrets to find...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters



Valentine’s Day

For anyone with a special someone, Valentine’s Day can be a very difficult and stressful time! There are tons of pressures that a gal can feel based on what their man does or doesn’t do for them. Lets face it, some guy...
by Kelsey Gibbons