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Sitting on sand

TMI: New Couple Vacations

If you’re entering a brand new relationship or you’re in the “I don’t know if it’s a relationship—we don’t have the label…yet” phase, the following advice is crucial if you have any hope for long-term ...
by Laura Baines

Happy Couple Having Chat

Signs Your New Guy is Really Into You

Ever meet a guy and and wonder if he’s really into you or not? Have no fear. It’s happened to everyone. One of the most difficult parts of dating someone new is figuring out if your guy genuinely likes you and wants...
by Elisa Freese


Are You Ready for a Relationship?

Some Very Important Questions to Ask Maybe you’ve been out of the dating pool for a little while, either after a breakup or a different personal reason. You’re wondering if you’re ready to strap on those heels and head ba...
by Lauren Volpe



Am I His Girlfriend?

Dear Most Brave fGirl, I’ve been seeing a guy for a few months but we haven’t talked about being exclusive yet. Am I his girlfriend? How do I ask him? Sincerely, Jumping the Gun Dear JG, You don’t. If you absolutely must,...
by Most Brave Girl


Should I Date a Friend of My Ex?

Dear Most Brave Girl, Lately I’ve been talking a lot with a girl who happens to be a friend of my ex. They’re still pretty close so I feel awkward asking her out. What’s the proper etiquette? Sincerely, Bro Love Tail Dear...
by Most Brave Girl