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Online Dating: A Review of Four Sites

With all of the dating / relationship sites out there, and all of the single people out there…it seems rather safe to say that anyone with Internet access has created at least one profile on one of the websites at some point ...
by Chris Brown


Better Online Dating Tips for Men

So it’s late at night, you’re too tired to sleep, none of your roommates or friends are awake to talk to, so what else to do except browse profiles on a dating site to potentially find “the One?”  What guy hasn’t...
by Chris Brown


The Sexiest Thing About You

A lot of media content undermines women. It’s hard to feel secure about yourself after reading “97 Things You Didn’t Even Know Men Were Judging You For.” The one thing that is the most difficult to retain after reading ...
by Most Brave Girl



Dating Advice for Meeting Up With Your Cyber Boyfriend

Checking my online dating profile always sends me into a giggle-fest of shame.  Hello online boyfriends.  It’s fun to pseudo anonymously feed off the attention of cyber suitors – it’s so much fun.  At some point though...
by Hannah Warner


Making an Online Dating Profile

If you decide to join an online dating site, you want to make sure you sound as appealing as you can. You know you’re a wonderful person who deserves to find someone great, but the random strangers who have never met you ...
by Claudia Alpert