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What I’ve Learned About Dating in Your Mid-Twenties

Guest Post by Sara LeProwse It’s fucking hard. There’s a million ways you can meet new people these days. There are the old ways, meeting a friend-of-a-friend, falling in “love” at a bar, or catching the eye of the smar...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters

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Online Dating: A Review of Four Sites

With all of the dating / relationship sites out there, and all of the single people out there…it seems rather safe to say that anyone with Internet access has created at least one profile on one of the websites at some point ...
by Chris Brown


Niche Dating: Zombies, Vampires, Ponies and More!

There is something for everyone…and someone for everyone…but what if you are lucky enough to get that special someone who is also interested in your quirky things?  With the Internet, more possibilities are becoming realit...
by Chris Brown


getting-an-international lady-part-two

Getting an International Lady (Part 2)

Continued from Monday, October 28… After you’ve had a few conversations via Skype, Messenger, etc., impressed her somewhat by speaking to her a bit in her own language, and did not ask her for any revealing pics…you are o...
by Chris Brown


New Study Reveals What Americans Really Think of Online Dating

Raise your hand if you know someone who’s tried online dating. My bet is many, if not all, of you know a friend or relative that has tried it with varying degrees of success. For a while, online dating was getting a bad r...
by Elisa Freese