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The Reason Your Friends Hate Your Guy

In a perfect world, you’ve met Prince Charming, your friends and family love him, you’ll get married, and you can eat all the chocolate you want without gaining weight. In real life, your friends hate your man and think...
by Christina Scribner


Dating Fact: More Requirements for Love = More Problems Finding it

Picture this: You’re on a dinner date with one of your long-lost girl friends when she asks the question most chronically single women hate to be asked: “How’s your love life?” “Are you seeing anyone?” Or some o...
by Laura Baines


To Find the Best Boyfriend, Avoid the 7 Worst Types of Guys

We all know one of these sweetheart girls. She deserves the best boyfriend to treat her like a princess, but most of the time this Snow White passes on princes and gets stuck with the worst kinds of dwarves. Every single member...
by Most Brave Girl



Prince Charming

So you met a guy. He’s not your usual “type.” You tend to go for the tall, dark, handsome, eyes so blue you forget your own name type of man, right? Well if not, you’re one of few. And if so, it’s time to look around....
by Naomi Rouff