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The Upside of Having a Male Friend Who Wants to Bang You

The part of being a woman that sounds the worst to me (besides the pregnancy, the periods and the systematic institutionalized oppression) is the uncertainty. As men are society’s sexual aggressors, it’s rare that a guy sta...
by Abiel Bruhn


The Sexiest Thing About You

A lot of media content undermines women. It’s hard to feel secure about yourself after reading “97 Things You Didn’t Even Know Men Were Judging You For.” The one thing that is the most difficult to retain after reading ...
by Most Brave Girl


Question & Answer: Is Playing Hard to Get Worth It?

It seems like a good tactic to gauge interest level, but playing hard to get can be tricky. Look at the semantics: it is a game that you play, and most guys are not interested in playing games. Why You Think It Works There is n...
by Most Brave Girl